Boosting Your Immune System During Raining Season

boosting immunity

While you can never control when or how much it rains, you can control how to keep yourself and your family healthy when it does. The rainy season comes with a slew of infectious diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea and jaundice. During this season, mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria fever become more prevalent.

It may be easy to blame the weather if you think you caught a cold or another type of illness after being outside in the rain. However, changes in temperature that occurs when it rains cause many different viruses and bacteria to thrive, causing a person to become ill.

3 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick After Being Soaked in the Rain

Take A Warm Bath

If you get wet from the rain, don’t worry because as previously stated, rain water will not make you sick. You are strongly advised to take a shower as soon as possible. Warm showering will help you to regulate your body temperature. If you don’t feel like taking a shower now, you could alternatively soak your legs in warm water.

Devour Warm Drink

Drinking something warm is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick after a heavy downpour. It has been proven that taking something warm can help provide warmth to help you cope with the chill and clear up the nasal cavities.


Yes, light stretching can make your body warmer, improve blood flow, and raise the temperature of your muscles for maximum flexibility and efficiency. After getting caught in the rain, the very last thing you could do is some light stretching.


While rain can make many things better, it can also harm your immune system. This is due to the damp and humid weather providing an ideal environment for microbes to grow and thrive. However, prevention is unquestionably the most effective way to boost immunity and avoid rain season-related illnesses.

Here are some health tips to boost your immunity

Consume more Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts your immune system in a variety of ways. Eating plenty of vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, tangerines, kale and spinach (VEGETABLES) strengthen your immune system. The more consumption of fruits and vegetables, the better your immune system.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is critical for immune system function. Water aids in producing lymph which transports white blood cells and other immune system cells. Make sure you drink minimum of 3 liters clean water at home or on the go.

Have Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep not only strengthens your immune system but also improves your mood and energy level.

Avoid Carbonated Drink

It is best to avoid sugary drink, especially during the rainy season. These drinks deplete the body’s mineral levels.

Steer Clear of Roadside Juice and Food

Roadside juices can be made from stale fruits or fruits that have been cut ahead of time. They could become infected. Avoid eating pre-cut fruits and only drink homemade fresh fruit juice. Mangoes has the tendency of risk of fungal and bacterial growth during raining season. Therefore, it should be avoided.

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