Here are 8 evidence-based health benefits of guava leaves.

Beyond the physical look and the primary role of being a shelter for its fruits, there are lots of health benefits of guava leaves, that play a significant role, contribute immensely to our well-being, and also possess a lot of health benefits.

The primary focus of this content will be restricted to digging deeper into the guava leaf and giving you short but comprehensive information about the health benefits of guava leaves. 

Introduction of Health benefits of guava leaves.

During the short introduction of this content topic, you might be thinking north and south, east and west, with lots of pictures of leaves in your mind, waiting anxiously to know the exact leaf I am talking about, or wondering if there can actually be any health benefits of guava leaves. Think no further, as we will reveal to you the wonders and hidden mysteries that guava leaves have been blessed with. 

Before we proceed, let us take a brief look at guava fruit. Mostly 4 to 12 centimeters long, guava fruit is known to be oval in shape or round; this is dependent on the species. Guava fruit can come in two skin colors: yellow or green. However, green is the color that is common with almost all guava fruits. From the early stage of its growth, it grows green. 

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closeup of a pink red guava cut in half fresh pic 2023 11 27 04 52 01 utc

Closeup of a Pink Red Guava Cut in Half, Fresh Picked, on Wooden Table

Guava fruit on its own is richly blessed with some nutritional values. Part of the nutritional values according to the FoodData published on January 4, 2019 (4/1/2019) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture includes: protein 2.5g, water 80.8g, total lipid (fat) 0.95g, carbohydrate 14.3g, ash 1.39g, fiber 5.4g, total sugar 8.92g, magnesium 22g, potassium 417mg, calcium 18mg, vitamin C 228mg, energy 285kj, and phosphorus 40mg.

By now, you will agree with me that guava fruit is well enriched with some nutritional values, but even the leaves are blessed with lots of benefits that can add good value to your health. 

Guava Leaf Nutritional Facts

Guava leaves are rich in some special medicinal values, which is why they are used as ingredients in making traditional medicines that are known for curing many diseases. 

According to an official website of the United States government, it lists the plethora of phytochemicals in guava leaves to include: avicularin, hyperin, apigenin, myricetin, gallic acid, epicatechin, cholorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and kaempferol. 

The micronutrients of guava leaves include: 1717 gallic acid, 82.47% moisture, 0.62% fat, 12.47% carbohydrates, 3.64% ash, 18.53% protein, and 103mg ascorbic acid. The leaves are also known to be rich in some vitamins, which include boron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, sulfur, vitamin C, and vitamin B. 

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Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Enhances Immune System

Guava leaves have the capacity to help boost, enhance, and strengthen your body’s immune system due to their rich antioxidants and vitamin C content. It is important to have a well-strengthened immune system, as it contributes immensely to having good health and helps fight bacteria and different diseases. A good immune system is key to living a better life, and guavas have been proven to have the necessary nutritional values to achieve that. 

Boosts Eyesight

With guava leaves, your eyes are guaranteed to be in good health because they are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is known for its important role in vision enhancement. It helps to have good sight in low-light conditions. With vitamin A, the outside covering of your eyes, which is referred to as the cornea, is also well maintained. 

fresh picked guava and leaves jambu biji merah o 2023 11 27 05 15 13 utc
Fresh Picked Guava and Leaves (Jambu Biji Merah) or Psidium guajava, Isolated on Wooden Table.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

One of the most common discomforts and pains women experience is menstrual pain. This is, however, capable of changing their mood or spoiling their entire day. In recent years, research has shown that guava leaves, due to some of their soothing properties, may help to reduce and not totally stop menstrual pain. 

Ensures a Healthy Digestive System

The high fiber content in guava leaves has the capacity to soften stool and contribute to the relief of constipation, with the main purpose of promoting a comfortable, easy, and good digestive system. 

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Cancer Risk Reduction

The risk of cell damage, mutations, and cancer can be reduced by consistently consuming guava leaves because the leaves contain strong antioxidants capable of reducing harmful free radicals. 

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease 

Guava leaves also play a role in the increment and improvement of good cholesterol levels and also reduce bad cholesterol levels, which helps to reduce the risk of having heart disease and keeps heart health in good shape. 

Consists of Stress-relieving Properties

Guava leaves can also act as an anti-stress agent, considering their properties, which can help you maintain calmness, promote good mental health, reduce anxiety, and allow you to relax well. 

Relieves Cold and Cough

Guava leaves, after being decocted, can be very helpful to heal coughs and colds by disinfecting the lungs and throat and also getting rid of mucus. It also consists of vitamin C and iron, which can be helpful as well. 

Supports Good Oral Health

Guava leaves consist of antibacterial agents that can be used to heal oral ulcers, toothpaste, and swollen gums. To achieve this, guava leaves can be boiled and taken as tea or grinded into paste and applied to your gum. 

Improves Blood Circulation to the Brain

Guava leaves help improve the circulation of blood to the brain because of their richness in vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 by stimulating cognitive function and ensuring nerve relaxation. 

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Fights Acne

Guava leaves can help reduce and fight acne by grinding the leaves and using them to rob the affected spot. This is possible because of the high concentration of vitamin C in the leaves. 

Encourages Weight Loss

If you are considering losing some weight, then you might need to consider opting for guava leaves. Guava leaves have the capacity to ensure fast weight loss due to their ability to stop complex carbs from turning into sugars. Wondering if you are just going to be chewing the leaves? No. All you need is to take it as tea by boiling the leaves.

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