Everything You Need To Know About Telemedicine In Nigeria

Everything you need to know about telemedicine in Nigeria..

We can’t talk about telemedicine without referring to tech. The foundation and advent of telemedicine can only be traced to technology.

Tech has brought about lots of new discoveries, techniques, ideas, innovations and one of its major contributions is telemedicine.

The adoption of technology in the health industry has aided lots of advancement in the sector and has brought about more different and easy ways through which hectic tasks can be done or carried out.

The full acceptance of technology in the health sector was also triggered and inspired by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. People no longer go about their daily activities the normal way. At some places, it was a total lockdown; for others, it was social distancing, both depending on the level of the outbreak.

Some cities, like Lagos, had to go on a total lockdown at some point in time, despite being considered the business hub of Nigeria. Cities like Ibadan only observe social distancing.

People with normal sickness symptoms couldn’t go to the hospital or healthcare center because it had become congested with people infected with COVID-19. The fear of getting infected crept in, and it became necessary for people to adopt some other means, paving the way for the adoption of telemedicine in Nigeria.

To some, telemedicine is a better idea that needs to be embraced, whether there is a COVID-19 outbreak or not. And to some, it was just a pure escape root and an option to stay away from getting infected with COVID-19.

People had different reasons for the adoption of telemedicine, but in the end, it gained popularity in the Nigerian health sector, leading to huge acceptance.

What Is Telemedicine? and why do we need telemedicine in Nigeria

Telemedicine is the act of delivering every health related services technologize exchanging health related information’s through the use of telecommunications technologies.

Telemedicine gives you the opportunity to have access to healthcare services, communicate with health practitioners without leaving the comfort of your home.

Usage of telemedicine gives room and supports health care system from a long distance, eradicating the need to conduct a physical and on-ground interaction or hospitalization.

However, studies have shown that many aged people displays reluctant attitude towards accepting and opting for the usage of telemedicine for their health issues.

Research have shown that telemedicine is being adopted to offer medical and healthcare services to sickness like hypertension, cancer, ebola and some other critical ailments.

Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

Poor Network | Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

To make use of your telemedicine app, you need to have access to adequate and good network connection. No or poor supply of internet service is appeared to be one of the hindrances limiting the full adoption of telemedicine in Nigeria.

Cost of Operation | Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

Cost of operation can either be inability to afford a device on which you can use your telemedicine app or inability to purchase or pay for data services needed to have access to the telemedicine app.

Location | Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

Location to an extent has proven to be another of challenges being faced by the adoption of telemedicine in Nigeria. We have lots of young and aged people living in villages with little or no exposure to technology.

Inadequate Sensitization | Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

This responsibility is mostly on the government, health professionals and stakeholders. There should be a regular and constant sensitization which will help people to get to know more about telemedicine.

Poor funding of Healthcare Sector |Challenges Of Telemedicine In Nigeria

Some healthcare centers still depends solely on the government to survive. It is no doubt that Federal Government has failed in it capacity to allocate enough money to the development of healthcare sector.

This can be seen in different strikes that was embarked on by resident doctors due to unsettled salaries by the federal government.


Despite the low level of acceptance in Nigeria, we still have some mobile applications that cater for telemedicine in Nigeria that are doing the magic for Nigerians who have adopted telemedicine.


Your Comprehensive Health Companion and Telemedicine Hub

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, MyMedicalBank stands out as a holistic solution, seamlessly combining the functionalities of a Personal Health Record (PHR) app and a cutting-edge Telemedicine platform. This innovative app is designed to empower users on their health journey, offering a myriad of features to ensure personalized and accessible healthcare at your fingertips.

Personal Health Record (PHR): A Digital Archive of Your Health Story

MyMedicalBank serves as your digital health vault, allowing you to consolidate and manage your entire health history in one secure place. From basic information like allergies and vaccinations to complex medical records and lab results, MyMedicalBank ensures that your health story is easily accessible whenever you need it. This feature proves invaluable, especially in emergencies or when seeking consultation with healthcare professionals.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Health Tracking: Easily log and monitor medications, allergies, vaccinations, and more. MyMedicalBank turns health management into a streamlined and organized process.
  2. Insights and Trends: Gain valuable insights into your health trends over time. Understand patterns, make informed decisions, and take proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Medication Reminders: Never miss a dose again with personalized medication reminders. MyMedicalBank ensures you stay on track with your prescribed treatments, promoting adherence and effectiveness.

Telemedicine: Bridging Gaps in Healthcare Accessibility

MyMedicalBank extends beyond being a mere repository of health information; it’s also your gateway to telemedicine services. Connect with healthcare professionals virtually, breaking down barriers to access healthcare in the bustling city or remote locations.

Key Features:

  1. Virtual Consultations: Schedule and attend virtual appointments with qualified healthcare professionals, saving you time and ensuring timely medical advice.
  2. Prescription Services: Receive e-prescriptions seamlessly through the app, enabling convenient access to medications without the need for physical visits.
  3. Emergency Access: In times of urgency, MyMedicalBank’s telemedicine services provide swift access to healthcare advice, ensuring you’re never alone in critical situations.

Conclusion: Your Health, Your Control

MyMedicalBank redefines the healthcare experience, placing control and accessibility firmly in the hands of users. As a PHR app, it keeps your health data organized and accessible, while its telemedicine capabilities ensure you can connect with healthcare professionals whenever and wherever you need them. Embrace a healthier, more connected approach to healthcare with MyMedicalBank – where your health is truly in your hands.

DOKTORCONNECT | Apps For Telemedicine In Nigeria

As the name implies, DoktorConnect allows you to connect with all types of doctor and medical specialist to enjoy top notch medical services through their telemedicine app. Access to their services also comes with subscription to their plan.

LAFIYA TELEHEALTH | Apps For Telemedicine In Nigeria

LaFiya Telehealth offers online health services that can be enjoyed via their website or by downloading the telemedicine app from Google Play or iOS App store. With Lafiya Telehealth, the cost of communication with medical specialist also varies.

HUDIBIA | Apps For Telemedicine In Nigeria

Like every other telemedicine app, Hudibia helps in connecting both the patient and doctor through it telemedicine app for different types of medical services. Users of the app also have the opportunity to order for drugs from pharmacy and it will be delivered to them. Hudibia telemedicine app also allows you to order for ambulance in cases of emergency.


Doctorcare247 allows communication with different medical specialists through chat or video on it telemedicine app. Opting for video chat with specialists comes with higher charges, which requires you to an appointment pre-booked before time. You can as well monitor your health record through the app.


Mobilehealth Consult is also regarded as one of the best telemedicine app in the country as it offers quality health care services online. Through the Mobilehealth Consult app, users can secure fast appointment online, which also involves video chat. The useage also comes different types of subscription.


Among many other telemedicine app in Nigeria, iWello stands out as it offers afforddable medical services online which makes it to enjoy lots of patronage online. Their services also comes in video calls, audio chat, and message chat. They have different types of medical specialists on board that are always ready to attend to users of their telemedicine app.


Tremendoc have three types of plan that users can choose from; Retail, Premium and Health Management Organisation, popularly known as HMO. All categories comes with quality services. Users can also communicate with medical specialists through chat and video call and audio chat.


Telemedicine is gradually changing the face of health sector all over the world. It services comes with convenience without having to leave your comfort zone. However it is important for every quarters in Nigeria to sit-up and make sure that telemedicine enjoys a wide acceptance from Nigerians for the betterment of its health sector.

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