Home Care and How It Works

There has been an increase in the incidence of chronic and long-term conditions among the elderly population, a rising urbanization trend, emigration, inadequate public health facilities, and a growing use of digital technology that is driving a growing demand for home care in Nigeria. Concurrently, security concerns, affordability for price-sensitive Continue Reading

13 Reasons Why Should Have a Medical Check-up Even If You Are Not Sick

Health Check-ups have a great impact on health outcomes According to a UK study, of the 1.5 million adults in England who have taken up the NHS health check-up, one in 27 were found to have high blood pressure of which they were previously unaware. Yet high blood pressure is Continue Reading

The Top 10 Causes of Death in Nigeria and How You Can Reduce Your Own Risk

Unavoidable is death. It is the fate of all human beings. Many deaths in Nigeria are however preventable. Consider Japan for example, life expectancy in the Asian country is 84.62 years. In comparison, life expectancy in Nigeria is 52.89 years. This means that on average a person living in Nigeria Continue Reading

Working as a Care Worker

There is a growing demand for care workers globally. In the UK, US, Canada, Ireland and other Western countries, the demand is driven by an aging population and the shortage of care workers to look after the growing elderly population. In developing countries like Nigeria, Philippines and Ghana, migration and Continue Reading

Surprise Findings from Nigerian the Digital Healthcare Survey 2023

Various sectors of the Nigerian economy – banking, commerce, education, hospitality, transportation, and others have experienced significant growth in digital transformation over the last two decades. However, the health sector has been very slow to embrace this change. The Nigerian Digital Healthcare Survey 2023 was therefore conducted to identify reasons Continue Reading

LIFESTYLE: Eating Diet or Eating to Die

LIFESTYLE: Eating Diet or Eating to Die The lifestyle individuals lead in life is mostly shaped at an early age by the choices their parents made. At some point in life, however, an individual’s lifestyle can be reshaped and redefined by certain factors such as the environment, groups, association, exposure, Continue Reading

Health is Wealth Webinar

MyMedicalBank Health is Webinar is a monthly online information session where leading industry figures are invited to speak and take questions from the audience on diverse healthcare-related topics. Webinar Themes Maintaining personal health Exploring money-making opportunities in the health care sector Topics are drawn from contemporary issues in: Public health Continue Reading

How to Run and Grow Your Healthcare Organisation Successfully through Adopting Low-Cost Digital Technology

Healthcare has changed a lot in the last decade, but many of its core challenges remain the same.It is now easier than ever to run and grow your healthcare organisation successfully through the adoption of low-cost digital technology.