MyMedicalBank Wins Best Consumer Booking Platform – Nigeria.

We are excited to share with you that MyMedicalBank was awarded the Best Healthcare Consumer Booking Platform. During the coronavirus pandemic, the true importance of medical technology has been seen as companies stepped up their efforts to help doctors and nurses treat patients directly. Therefore, the success of the Medical Technology Industry has facilitated access to mass affordable and cost effective healthcare delivery across the globe.

Formally known as the GHP Technology Awards, MedTech awards, acknowledged those working hard in the Medical Technology field to improve the quality of medical care as it becomes even more innovative and advanced.

Recognized for the hard work, determination and excellent service delivered across Nigeria on a day to day basis, MyMedicalBank a cloud-based product suite that connects consumers with healthcare providers bagged the prestigious Private Healthcare Awards for Best Consumer Booking Platform – Nigeria, 2021.

2020 was a tough year for the Healthcare Industry, really testing and pushed every boundary the health industry had to offer. MyMedicalBank work hard to maintain a high customer-focused service dedicated to ensuring our products deliver real value. Our service showcase the efforts from the best practitioners, facilities and support services the industry has to offer, our processes and systems are truly customer-centric with the ultimate aim of providing better and safer care for patients all across Africa.

Think Health, Think MyMedicalBank!

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