Blog 11/11/2022

Surprise Findings from Nigerian the Digital Healthcare Survey 2022

Various sectors of the Nigerian economy – banking, commerce, education, hospitality, transportation and others have experienced significant growth in digital transformation over the last two decades. However, the health sector …

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Blog 30/05/2022

Key Facts You Should Know About Monkeypox

Monkeypox virus was first discovered in 1958 when monkeys transported from Singapore to a Danish research facility became ill. The First confirmed human case occurred in 1970 .The virus was …

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Blog 15/04/2022

How to Run and Grow Your Healthcare Organisation Successfully through Adopting Low-Cost Digital Technology

Healthcare has changed a lot in the last decade, but many of its core challenges remain the same.It is now easier than ever to run and grow your healthcare organisation successfully through the adoption of low-cost digital technology.

Blog 11/03/2022

Migrating to the UK as a Carer – The New UK Care Worker Visa Explained

Migrating to the UK as a carer might sound like an easy task, but when you get into the planning stages there are many things you need to think about. For example, it’s important that you learn more about the upcoming new UK Care Worker Visa, so here is a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Blog 11/11/2021

Uberisation Of Health Care In Nigeria

The latest trend in the health sector is Uberisation of Health Care. This happens when individual health apps and services are connected to make sure citizens have access to medical services at any time, any place and anywhere.

Blog 02/11/2021

Are Digital Medical Platforms The Change We Need In Medicine?

The medical industry is facing the same issues as every other sector. There’s a large amount of data being collected, but the information being processed hasn’t been. In many cases, the unstructured data is just been tossed aside, never to be utilized. Digital medical platforms are changing this paradigm.

Blog 20/09/2021

I know Television, Which One is Telemedicine?

A conversation about virtual medical care in Nigeria Enquirer: OK what is this Telemedicine? MyMedicalBank: In simple terms, Telemedicine is the practice of providing “medicine” (healthcare) from “tele” (far). It …

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Blog 06/09/2021

‘Lack of doctors the biggest telemedicine challenge’- MyMedicalBank CEO Ayo Adebamowo

As internet connectivity and technology continues to spread across the globe, we see an ever-increasing number of people using telemedicine for consultations. Although convenient, there are challenges

Blog 17/08/2021

When My Baby Refuses to Suck Breast

I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO BREASTFEED BUT MY BABY REFUSES TO SUCK BREAST: WHAT TO DO. Breast milk is the best you can afford babies, especially the first six months …

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