What Is Personal Health Records?

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Knowing your health status is important; it keeps you informed about the state of your well-being, and that can be achieved by having or keeping a Personal Health Record.

This content is going to educate you basically about what a Personal Health Record is, bringing to your awareness every necessary detail needed to know about how important having a personal health record is.

Deep Dive Into Personal Health Record

Every individual is expected to know the state of their health, with every other details that comes with it as it will help to inform every decisions that will be taking by the individual and any health care giver.

The existence of a being without the awareness of his or her state of health is tantamount to living in darkness where nothing seems visible due to the absence of light which plays the role of having good personal health record to guide decisions like a real lightness would do in giving clearer picture of everything around.

The role and the importance of having or keeping a phr cannot be over emphasized. It gives you a clearer picture of yourself, informs your daily decisions with aim of keeping you fit, healthy, by following keenly and adhering to every instruction kept in the phr which is meant to give you a better life.

Good health cannot be overrated, no matter how talented, impactful and influencer you are in the society, there is one thing that can restrict your impact, importance, and influence in the society and that is your health.

A conscious and intentional effort should be taken to keep fit which starts with knowing your health status and keeping a good record of which will help keep you informed with what you should do and what you should not do.

Don’t forget, health is wealth and it has no substitute.

A personal health record comprises three words, which I will be briefly talking about to give necessary knowledge and ideas about the subject matter.

Let’s Break Down The Words | Personal Health Record


The word personal talks about the ability to own to yourself a belonging. Having the right and authority over something. Or, personal can also be referred to as a word that encompasses the personality of an individual.


Health talks about the physical and mental being of people, either they are in good form or suffering from a disease or illness. Health encompasses the good and well being of people. Health is a dominant factor in determining the existence of a man.


Record is an account that comprises of certain information about an event, or a person, which is meant to serve as an evidence or can be used for reference purpose mainly to guide decision making in the nearest future when taking steps about the event or person that is being documented.

It can also be said that record is an act of documentation or form of keeping information that makes it easy to flashback to vital information or history of someone or event.

As we proceed, take a comfortable sitting position, relax with a cup of water as I take you through the definition/meaning of personal health record.

What Is Personal Health Record

Personal health record is a means through which a patient keeps every basic information’s that encompasses the patient’s health and every medical records.

The patient in this case have the authority on when to share it, whom to share it with, where to share it. Personal health record can be kept physically or can be kept electronically depending on how convenient it is for the patient. With PHR, the patient will be able to make informed decisions as regards his or her health.

Information’s made available in the personal health record is meant to be managed by the patient.

Features Of A Good Personal Health Record

Blood Type

It is important for a patient to signify his or her blood type in the personal health record in order to enjoy the right medical treatment.

Family History

For most families, there is a particular hereditary health issues that is predominant in their lineage. It is therefore very important to have the health history of every patient’s family included in their personal health record which will help to guide and determine the type of treatment that will given to the patient in-line with their family health history.


Allergies are harmful substances that can trigger an irregular reaction from the body.

This should be given utmost consideration because our body reacts to things and treatment differently. Having the list of your allergies in your personal health record will help health and medical officials know what and what not to prescribe for you.

History of Hospitalization

It is expected of the patient to make a list of the number of times he or she have been admitted in the hospital and include it the personal health record.

Medication History

Informations about previously taken medications and the ones administered to the patient in the course of a particular treatment should be included in the personal health record.

Immunizations Status

The personal health record of a patient must also contain informations about the immunization status of the patient for better treatment and to avoid repetition of immunization that a patient has received earlier.

Personal/Contact Information

Personal health record must include a name for easy identification. Other personal informations include: date of birth, relationship status, phone numbers, informations about the patient’s next of kin, house address.

Emergency Contact

Personal health record should also include informations of who to contact in cases of emergency.

Surgical History

The number of times that the patient has underwent surgeries on any type of disease or illness is expected to be included in the personal health record.


Everyone should consider having a phr as it seen as a road map to keeping good health status. In order to support proper treatment, it is crucial to provide all the information required to be in an electronic health record. Each piece of information will serve as a therapeutic guide, and health professionals will take it all into careful account before acting.

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