MyMedicalBank at Nurses on Air 3rd Anniversary

MyMedicalBank at Nurses on Air 3rd Anniversary

Over time, Nigerian nurses have been overshadowed despite their immeasurable contribution to the Nigeria health sector. Nurses are often regarded as the primary healthcare agents and without them; the goal of achieving a sustainable healthcare system will not be achievable.

Now, Nigerian nurses have taken the bull by the horns to get their voices heard and also to put a stop to how the efforts they have expended to make the Nigerian health sector a great one has been overshadowed.

The journey so far

It all began three years ago as NOA NURSES ON AIR put up the initiative to bring the voice of nurses to the limelight. Nurses on Air is a registered organization that advocates for nurses, it was founded and is led by Mr Josiah Jackson Okesola.

Nurses on Air is a nationwide collaborative media awareness campaign and a vehicle for Nigerian Nurses to advocate for public health issues.

The program in proper

The program began with the nurse’s anthem followed by opening prayer. The founder and CEO, Nurses on Air, Josiah Jackson Okesola delivered the welcome address, recognition of special guests of honour and other representatives followed.

Each of the guests gave their goodwill message and address which preceded the unveiling and launching of the Nurses on Air TV show project and also fundraising.

It was a very glad moment for the Nurses on Air team when their invited guests gave generously towards the fundraising and some of the representatives gave on behalf of their organizations while some other guests promised to reach out as soon as possible.

As the anniversary program was ongoing, it was made clear that Nurses on Air supports and acts on the WHO Vision 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals”.

MyMedicalBank came on board as one of the partners of the day to pitch about their products and services and emphasized how it could help drive the Vision 2030 articulated by the World Health Organisation.


NOA has started at a good pace with the vision of SDGs 2030 initiated by WHO. For the sustainable health development goals to be achieved in Nigeria and beyond, we must hold strong onto our primary healthcare and ensure credible stakeholders such as the nurses are involved and engaged in realizing the goals.

If you are bold and proud to be a NURSE please share this post to keep the fire burning.

Thanks for reading.

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