Blog 11/09/2022

LIFESTYLE: Eating Diet or Eating to Die

LIFESTYLE: Eating Diet or Eating to Die The lifestyle individuals lead in life is mostly shaped at an early age by the choices their parents made. At some point in …

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Blog 25/07/2020

Did You Know Nigeria Now Has a Health Market?

There is now a “Health Market” in Nigeria where you can list your services as a healthcare provider or book health services as an individual consumer. Available on MyMedicalBank Health …

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Support (Clients) 08/01/2019

MMB HomeCare Terms & Conditions (Patients)

HEALTHCARE CONSUMERS  To read/ download the Terms & Conditions governing the use of MMB HomeCare as a Healthcare Professional (Carer), click on “MMB HomeCare T&Cs for Patients“

Events 17/07/2018

A Date with History: MyMedicalBank Health Symposium 2018

The MyMedicalBank Health Symposium 2018 established that the revolutionising applications had come to stay and has also change the healthcare sector for good

Events 14/04/2018

MyMedicalBank Health Symposium and Launching MMB HomeCare

At the Health Symposium and Launching MMB HomeCare; delegates from across Nigeria to discuss solutions to the challenges of healthcare

Blog 31/12/2017

Your Health…When the Festivities are over

Festivities are often associated with a lot of activities. However we often get addicted to the events, without anticipating or planning for their consequences on our health. While the colourful season is busy …

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