How to Run and Grow Your Healthcare Organisation Successfully through Adopting Low-Cost Digital Technology

Healthcare has changed a lot in the last decade, but many of its core challenges remain the same.It is now easier than ever to run and grow your healthcare organisation successfully through the adoption of low-cost digital technology.

Health Entrepreneurship 101: 15 Money Making Opportunities for Nigerian Health Workers

Did you know there are numerous money making opportunities for health workers in Nigeria? Dr Chris Ngige, the Nigerian Labour Minister caused a massive media storm in 2019 when he stated that the country had too many doctors and was not suffering any brain drain. And so the argument went Continue Reading

Did You Know Nigeria Now Has a Health Market?

There is now a “Health Market” in Nigeria where you can list your services as a healthcare provider or book health services as an individual consumer. Available on MyMedicalBank Health Market, Nigeria’s first one-stop online healthcare marketplace are services like: Ambulance Service Blood Supply Home and Elderly Care Hospital Appointments Continue Reading