5 Reasons Why You Need A Home Care Professional

Do you know what and who a Home Care Professional is?

The society we are living in demands more of our productive time and denies us of the time we need to devote to ourselves, our health and family. Are you aware that if you are not healthy and fit; your job, your business and associated endeavours will suffer?

As important as making money is to our lives, our health is much more important. People need to know that without good health you can’t properly engage in business or even hold down a job. One thing I have come to realize about people, especially in Africa, is that they don’t pay attention to their health until they totally break down – and to be honest, a very poor lifestyle is the leading cause of ill health. Being healthy sometimes requires nothing more than paying proper attention to your body.

According to Oxford Business Group “with almost half of all Nigerians living below the poverty line and facing the dual burden of a high incidence of both infectious and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Nigeria’s under-funded public health system is under immense pressure. Accordingly, international aid organizations and the private sector have a significant role to play in alleviating the burden on the state, and there is a strong need for stakeholders to work together to ensure that reliable and affordable health care reaches all segments of the society.”

At N262bn ($1.6bn), health care was been allocated slightly less than 6% of the 2014 budget. While this ranks as the fourth-largest allocation by value after defence, education and finance (when including debt servicing), health care proponents and international health advocacy groups believe the amount to be far less than what is needed. In 2001 Nigeria was a signatory to the Abuja declaration, as a part of which it and other African nations pledged to commit 15% of their federal budget towards health needs, especially the combating of infectious diseases and child and maternal mortality. In recent years per capital, government expenditure on health has fluctuated between $21 and $29, a figure that exceeds the minimum W.H.O benchmark for developing countries of $14, but is still far below the global average of around $615.

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The government is yet to upgrade the health sector standard to a satisfactory level. While that is ongoing you are obligated to your well-being and a part to play for your loved ones.

According to Nerve Africa “speaking on change and how technology can be harnessed in the HealthCare sector, business strategist Michael Jackson confirmed the evolving health sector and how complex the industry has become. According to him, “healthcare needs new ideas. Public-private healthcare partnership is the new ingenuity and technology is the way forward”. He also said that the partnership can be key to unlocking many of the challenges in delivering healthcare in Nigeria. During the panel section, stakeholders in the industry discussed extensively, the role technology can play in transforming the health sector. Regarding technological solutions applied, one of the stakeholders stated that “if you want to create access to healthcare, fix technology and create a functional system.

Most times you don’t need treatment – what you actually need is care, you need a professional carer to care for your health while you do your daily routine. It is when there is a lack of proper care that is when the body systems break down and the need for treatment arises. Getting to this stage will cost you more. This article is put together to give you several reasons why you need a private HomeCare professional.

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Choice of specialist selection

Private healthcare is a plan you have decided to purchase. This gives you the right to see a specialist when you go to the hospital. However, you will not always have the opportunity to see your preferred doctor and might have to settle for being attended to by any specialist on duty. With HomeCare, you can choose who you want to attend to you and you will get the kind of care you desire.

No priority patient order.

In public hospitals and some private hospitals, a patient priority order is altered due to another patient having a more urgent health condition.

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Saves you time, stress and queue

The first reason why most people in the western world prefer private healthcare is that it offers them quick attention and they are prioritized by a healthcare expert when they are ill. With HomeCare, there are no queues and you can call your carer anytime you want. This will be really beneficial for those who are very busy and can’t afford to wait in queues.

One of the places you will always find queues is in the hospital. People are always seeking medical attention and there are not enough healthcare experts available to meet those needs. A lot of people waste time waiting in queues and get stressed. Stress, on the other hand, is a condition that can lead to a myriad number of health issues. Lengthy wait times can also result in the deterioration of a person’s physical and mental health.

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Multi-speciality Coverage:

With your healthcare plan and your choice of healthcare experts, you have various categories of private healthcare providers at your reach; technology has even made it better to connect with them in a better, efficient and a smarter way. Private Health Care Providers are the major players when it comes to specialized medical and surgical treatment provided under one roof or plan.

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Continuous Health Care – health history well managed

Having several doctors attending to you will likely result to health records mismanaged. For example, when you do not use privatized healthcare, you will be treated by a doctor but when you come again next time with a different health problem, you may not be treated by the same doctor as the first meeting. Meanwhile, with a planned healthcare system you can decide your own doctor who will treat you continuously. So, you will have the same doctor as long as you are registered in a  private health care system.


Our health is a prime obligation and must not be gambled with. A life worth living is a life worth caring for. As you have read earlier that technology is the way forward to improve the health care system, it has already taken effect in Nigeria, and now you need not worry on how to get the right and verified healthcare expert, with MMB HomeCare you are good to go.

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