HEALTH LEVERAGE: Optimizing Your Skills as a Professional Health worker

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Optimizing Your Skills as a Professional Health worker is very important. Leveraging and optimizing your skill as a health worker is a way forward.

Unemployment has been the bane of the Nigerian economy for decades and it has adversely impacted people in various sector of the economy. The one sector that is adversely impacted has been minimal is in the healthcare sector. This sector, however, has its own share of challenges and inefficiencies.  The good news is that with the ongoing trend of information technology disrupting industries across the global economy, the Nigerian healthcare sector might soon be shaken up for the better.

There are a number of companies working to transform the healthcare sector in Nigeria, foremost among them in terms of their vision, mission and scope of what they’re trying to achieve is Silverwings Medical Informatics Nigeria limited.

It wouldn’t be proper if we only discuss the financial benefits this transformation will offer. There are vital benefits that MMB HomeCare (the latest silverwings medical informatics product) will deliver that also need to be mentioned.

Access to healthcare

Access to healthcare has long been a great setback and has really connected to the advancement of Nigeria health sector which has brought about the development of MMB HomeCare in the country. Having good health is fundamental to living a decent life. Information technology has made a lot of services accessible, an average citizen now has access, however, this has not been deployed to the health sector in Nigeria critically.

Having access to patient information stored in a secure cloud and retrievable via the web-based application called MyMedicalBank/MMBHomeCare is a major breakthrough in the healthcare sector. Referring patients from one doctor to the other will become seamless because patients information will be accessible via a cloud-based system. This system will introduce efficiency in the health sector and make it more effective.

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Lack of health workers – minimal attention

Nigeria has an acute shortage of health workers compared to our increasing population. The good news here is that a focused and dedicated cloud-based platform (MMB HomeCare) has been developed and launched – the Nigeria number one digital health marketplace. With this creative and efficient innovation doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and many more can now give health care services to patients at their spare time and also make extra money.

Health Leverage – Complication control

Having a detailed health history of your patients will help you as a health-carer to carry out your job effectively and manage any observed or reported complications. This happens to be one of the goals of this platform (detailed health informatics) and with this as a registered health carer on this platform, you can’t work amiss.

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Time vs. health management

It is observed that most Nigerians don’t dedicate time to their health; rather than practice prevention i.e eating healthy, avoiding a sedimentary lifestyle, exercising, they go off in search of silver bullets and eventually fall ill. MyMedicalBank has emerged at a time like this; to provide citizens with an easy way to access healthcare services and pertinent medical information; to provide citizens with an easy way to access healthcare services and pertinent medical information.  MMB will not only aim to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of health workers, it also helps busy people in need of health care services to create a convenient way to access healthcare services.

In conclusion

MMB HomeCare has come to bridge the gap between health workers and their patients. No more queues in the hospital and no more delays in getting appointments and having medical checkups.

MMB Homecare will afford every health worker the opportunity to generate additional income out the confines of a hospital’s physical structure, it will also enable patients to have quick medical attention as and when due.

As life is evolving, technology also evolving, as health is evolving so is MyMedicalBank/MMB HomeCare evolving.

Think Health, Think MyMedicalBank

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