Blog 27/10/2021

5 Categories You Didn’t Know Telemedicine Had

There are Categories in Telemedicine that quite a lot of people know nothing about. Gone are the days when people had to queue in hospitals, whenever they needed a medical …

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Blog 18/09/2021

How You Can Live a Long Life in Nigeria

I believe that lack of knowledge on how to live long in Nigeria is the root cause of most ailments and no solution around.

Blog 06/09/2021

‘Lack of doctors the biggest telemedicine challenge’- MyMedicalBank CEO Ayo Adebamowo

As internet connectivity and technology continues to spread across the globe, we see an ever-increasing number of people using telemedicine for consultations. Although convenient, there are challenges

Blog 07/08/2021

5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

So you have a smartphone and are already using it in many ways to improve your lifestyle. But you can use it for so much more. In this article I will share with you some ways you can use your smartphone to take care of yourself: how to monitor your health, how to take care of your loved ones, and ways to track the everyday aspects of life.

Events 16/07/2021

MyMedicalBank – Revolutionizing Access to Healthcare in Africa

The MyMedicalBank is a medical digital wallet that stores and organizes medical records and documents, health insurance information, and medical credentials.

Events 16/07/2021

MyMedicalBank – A Generic Platform for Healthcare Enthusiasts and Healthcare Providers

Nigeria’s Health Tech niche is rich with home-driven solutions that seeks to solve healthcare problems that remain peculiar to Nigerians. Have you thought of Platform for Healthcare Enthusiasts and Healthcare …

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