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5 Categories You Didn’t Know Telemedicine Had

Categories in Telemedicine

There are Categories in Telemedicine that quite a lot of people know nothing about. Gone are the days when people had to queue in hospitals, whenever they needed a medical consultation, now things are digital, including medicine and medical care.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners do not need to be physically present with a patient, to give medical advice or care, things have been made easy, and it’s all thanks to ‘telemedicine’. When most people hear the word telemedicine, what comes to their minds is virtual consultation via; web, app, voice and video calls, but telemedicine has more depth than that.

Telemedicine can be categorised into various segments, though there are the five most used categories in modern Nigeria.


Telenutrition as one of the Categories in Telemedicine

Telenutrition involves the online or video consultation with a nutritionist or dietician, by patients. They upload their diet logs, feeding habits, daily meal pictures or vital statistics on the nutrition portal, then the dieticians or nutritionists analyze their current medical conditions.

Based on the provided information, the dieticians, or nutritionists can now give medical advice and a standardized diet list, what type of food they can eat, the ones they should avoid eating and also when to eat. All these can be done digitally without physical contact and from anywhere in the country.



Telenursing is one of the Categories in Telemedicine which uses information technology and telecommunications to aid in the carrying out of nursing activities digitally. Through telenursing, home care services can be performed over long distances, where clients or patients cannot access a physical nurse.

It eliminates the barrier problem and links a patient with a nurse or multiple nurses, whereby the nurses give detailed visual descriptions of how clients can take good care of their loved ones.


Telepharmacy provides pharmaceutical care to patients via digital means, in situations whereby the patients do not have a direct to any nearby pharmacist. Virtually, patients are advised on which drugs to purchase and the dosage in which the drugs are to be taken appropriately.

The patients are also monitored to see if there are improvements in their health conditions.

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Telerehabilitation provides a medium in which recovering patients can virtually connect to physiotherapists. The physiotherapists guide the patients through the recovery process, providing them with a physical training schedule and also visually demonstrating to them how to carry out these light exercises.

With the constant advancement of technology, medicine is being brought to our doorstep and all we have to do, is to reach for it and utilize these made easy medical avenues.

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