Taking care of your elderly ones in the 21st century, using digital platforms

Elderly Care

Taking care of your elderly ones using digital platforms has become a subject worth looking into. The elderly are sometimes referred to as ‘big babies’, though some may defer, the truth remains that the elderly need constant supervision and care.

Some children dread the stage, when their once vibrant parents now need care and support, it may be emotionally reasons, but most times it is due to the labour that comes with taking care of an elderly parent.

Though they may not need constant caring like babies, they are tagged as ‘big babies’ because, they have an adult mind of their own and may not agree or accept the current physical and medical situation they currently find themselves in, this usually makes it difficult to take good care of them.

Over a decade ago, it may have been difficult to take care of our elderly ones, but due to the change in times we now have easier ways of taking care of them, through the help of dedicated health workers and professionals, who specialise and dedicate their time to the taking care of the elderly. This in turn has made elderly care using digital platforms widely sought after.

The special and dedicated services being rendered to the elderly, by nurses and health care professionals is called ‘home care’, elderly care is just one of the service packages, being offered by home care and one of its major peaks is that It can be rendered wherever is most comfortable for the elderly person.

With home care, people do not need to think much about elderly care, all they need to do is book or subscribe to a home care professional and the services will be rendered with due efficiency.

Nigeria is becoming more digital every day, the ways and medium of getting services has become easier than they were a decade ago.

One of the major issues people have with home care is the medium of contacting professionals who render this delicate service, this issue drives them to seek the services of unskilled individuals, who claim they have a so-called experience in taking care of the elderly.

This scenario most times aggravates the health issues of the elderly one’s in question and leads to severe health problems because, these individuals do not understand what it takes to handle the medical needs of the elderly.

Today in Nigeria, we have digital platforms that connect consumers with health care professionals, an example of such a platform is MyMedicalBank, which is a cloud-based that connects their consumers with health care provider, health information and their health records from any location in the country.

With a platform to reach professional health care workers, home care services are now easier to acquire and is now becoming more rampant in use.

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