Blog 30/05/2022

Key Facts You Should Know About Monkeypox

Monkeypox virus was first discovered in 1958 when monkeys transported from Singapore to a Danish research facility became ill. The First confirmed human case occurred in 1970 .The virus was …

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Blog 11/11/2021

Uberisation Of Health Care In Nigeria

The latest trend in the health sector is Uberisation of Health Care. This happens when individual health apps and services are connected to make sure citizens have access to medical services at any time, any place and anywhere.

Blog 02/11/2021

Are Digital Medical Platforms The Change We Need In Medicine?

The medical industry is facing the same issues as every other sector. There’s a large amount of data being collected, but the information being processed hasn’t been. In many cases, the unstructured data is just been tossed aside, never to be utilized. Digital medical platforms are changing this paradigm.

Blog 15/10/2021

Taking care of your elderly ones in the 21st century, using digital platforms

Taking care of your elderly ones is a cultural tradition that reaches back decades or even centuries, depending on the country’s history. In this day and age, there are many digital platforms for taking care of your aging parents, helping them live in their homes as long as possible and improve the quality of their lives.

Blog 20/09/2021

I know Television, Which One is Telemedicine?

A conversation about virtual medical care in Nigeria Enquirer: OK what is this Telemedicine? MyMedicalBank: In simple terms, Telemedicine is the practice of providing “medicine” (healthcare) from “tele” (far). It …

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Blog 17/08/2021

When My Baby Refuses to Suck Breast

I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO BREASTFEED BUT MY BABY REFUSES TO SUCK BREAST: WHAT TO DO. Breast milk is the best you can afford babies, especially the first six months …

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Blog 12/08/2021

Health Entrepreneurship 101: 15 Money Making Opportunities for Nigerian Health Workers

Did you know there are numerous money making opportunities for health workers in Nigeria? Dr Chris Ngige, the Nigerian Labour Minister caused a massive media storm in 2019 when he …

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Blog 07/08/2021

5 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Take Care of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

So you have a smartphone and are already using it in many ways to improve your lifestyle. But you can use it for so much more. In this article I will share with you some ways you can use your smartphone to take care of yourself: how to monitor your health, how to take care of your loved ones, and ways to track the everyday aspects of life.

Events 16/07/2021

MyMedicalBank – Revolutionizing Access to Healthcare in Africa

The MyMedicalBank is a medical digital wallet that stores and organizes medical records and documents, health insurance information, and medical credentials.