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Ways Covid19 is Changing Healthcare

The Covid-19 Question???

6 Ways Covid19 is changing Healthcare

It is important that we pay attention to ways Covid19 is changing healthcare.

How will coronavirus pandemic change the way we live? How we answer the Covid19 question will shape the future in no small measure. It is important that we pay attention to ways Covid19 is changing healthcare.

1. Increased demand for out-of-hospital care

Barriers to hospital attendance such as the fear of contracting coronavirus and the requirement to maintain social distance or to self-isolate have all resulted in a higher demand for out-of-hospital care.

Our MMB HomeCare app allows you and users across the 36 states of Nigeria to book verified health workers such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, medical lab scientists and home care attendants to attend to you in the comfort of your own home from just N3,000 ($10) per visit.


2. Increased demand for telemedicine

With a growing demand to engage with doctors remotely and 47.1% of Nigerians now using the internet, the MMB HomeCare functions as a telemedicine tool to enable you receive consultation,  diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of your health conditions remotely via chats, audio or video call with health workers without the need to visit the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

What’s more? Unlike other telemedicine apps, MMB HomeCare connects you not just with doctors but with other licensed health professionals like physiotherapists, nurses, medical laboratory scientists and many others.

3. Desire to reduce out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare

The disruptive impact of Covid19 on personal finances is making people more cautious about their spending. With 95% of Nigerians currently paying for their healthcare out of pocket, more people are now exploring ways to reduce that financial burden without reducing their quality of living and healthcare.

MyMedicalBank Health Market enables you to access a range of healthcare financing options available through health insurance plans. Billed as Nigeria’s first online one-stop marketplace for booking healthcare services, Health Market now makes it easy for you to compare health insurance plans from different HMOs and to readily buy a plan suits you and your family – giving you rest of mind about any unforeseen health emergencies.

Aside health insurance, Health Market gives you access to book a wide of healthcare services directly from providers including ambulance service, blood supply, hospital outpatient appointment, elderly care, physiotherapy, mental health services and many more.

4. Increased demand for health workers

More than any other event in recent memory, the Covid19 crisis has further reinforced the importance of our health workers. The shortage of skilled health workers in Nigeria and the resultant increased demand for their services has necessitated creating solutions to support employer organisations to meet their staffing requirements rapidly at all times during this pandemic including finding locums to cover emergency shifts.

MyMedicalBank Health Jobs – Nigeria’s first specialist job portal for recruiting into all healthcare job roles has been created in response to this need.    

5. Increased demand for occupational health 

The Covid19 pandemic has thrown up new challenges for employers on how best to protect their employees while at work following the recent lockdown. In addition, employers are increasingly looking for ways to maximise their employees’ performance and productivity aside the conventional offer of pay rise.

Through the MMB HomeCare platform, MyMedicalBank supports corporate organisations to mobilise and deploy health professionals to provide occupational health services at the workplace.

6. Increased demand for psychosocial support

Only few days ago, the United Nation said the pandemic had caused widespread psychological distress worldwide.

We have responded to that challenge by providing MyMedicalBank Community – an online open forum that allows you to ask questions anonymously from doctors and other healthcare professionals while also sharing your health experience with other users. After all, a problem shared is half-solved.

MyMedicalBank Community enables you to access virtual medical consultation and to receive psychosocial support on any health issue that bothers you.

All MyMedicalBank platforms can be accessed FREELY via or by downloading the MMB HomeCare app on Plays Sore or App Store.

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