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MyMedicalBank is a secure digital platform that enables individuals and their healthcare providers to access, update, and capture medical records and valuable health information from any location using any web-enabled device. Furthermore, the developers are planning to release the platform before the end of 2018.

At release, registered doctors can use MyMedicalBank for free and sign up for a free Caregiver account now. Individual users, including patients and non-patients, can access a free Standard account with limited access to MyMedicalBank’s features, or opt for a paid Gold account with full access. The first 1000 individuals to sign up for a Gold account will receive a free 12-month subscription as a reward.

Hospitals, diagnostic centers, retail pharmacies, and HMOs can contact the MyMedicalBank team to learn how the Corporate account can help with digitization, data migration, cost reduction, fraud detection, data analytics, secure communication, virtual consultation, and multidisciplinary engagement.

For more information, please visit MyMedicalBank FAQs.

MyMedicalBank HomeCare

MMB HomeCare is an online platform that allows users to find and book appointments with registered doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who are available to provide healthcare services to them in the comfort of their own home or workplace for an agreed fee.

For more information, please visit MMB HomeCare FAQs.

MyMedicalBank Community

Through this unique platform, members are able to discuss freely their health issues as well as receive medical guidance from registered doctors who are part of the MyMedicalBank Community.

For more information, please visit MMB Community.

MyMedicalBank Resources

This page contains an array of valuable information on health including tips for healthy living, trends, statistical figures, legislation, research, and articles designed to empower readers to achieve better health outcomes.

MyMedicalBank Directory

Set for launch by March 2018, this platform will offer a directory of all registered doctors, hospitals, and health facilities in Nigeria. Additionally, it will offer details of specialist diagnostic and health services available at various locations throughout the country including the names of consultants involved and the diagnostic equipment available.

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