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Are Digital Medical Platforms The Change We Need In Medicine?

It is only right that one wonders if Digital Medical Platforms are the Change We Need In Medicine

Some people say “the only thing constant in life is change”, but what people fail to realise is that ‘change’ is also one of the most difficult phenomenon a human being can experience. This is most relatable in a traditional or conventional country like Nigeria, here in Nigeria we are reluctant to change, and when we finally get accustomed to setting change, we are not always open to future changes.

Before the introduction of modern medicine into the country, we solely relied on herbs and intuition for medical treatment, it took us a while to get accustomed to the use of modern medicine.

Herbs helped and still helps to cure different illnesses, but it has been proven that modern medicine over time has increased the survival rate of Nigerians when faced with terminal illnesses.

Nigerians were still getting accustomed to modern medicine, we entered into the digital era and medicine services became digital.

Two decades ago, if you had tooth aches and needed to consult a dentist, you would first need to first use ‘word of mouth’ to get the best dentistry clinics around my place of residence, then proceed to book an appointment, which may have taken a longer period.

Now with the intervention of digital medical platforms, you could make use of ‘telemedicine’, to book the services of any competent dentist around the country and seek medical advice from them.

In less than 10mintues you would get the professional services of any dentist of your choice, who would give you a diagnosis and prescribe medications for you.

Gradually, the over reliance on clinic visitation for medical consultation is reducing in Nigeria. People are starting to understand the peace of mind booking for medical services online can bring to them. It is personal, stress-free and time free, getting medical services is now has easy has ordering for a meal.

If the need arises to be physically examined or treated, one could still book ‘home care’ service to receive treatment in the comfort of one’s home.

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By: Titilope Agbaje

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