Surprise Findings from Nigerian the Digital Healthcare Survey 2023

Various sectors of the Nigerian economy – banking, commerce, education, hospitality, transportation, and others have experienced significant growth in digital transformation over the last two decades. However, the health sector has been very slow to embrace this change.

The Nigerian Digital Healthcare Survey 2023 was therefore conducted to identify reasons for the slow uptake and how best healthcare organizations in Nigeria can be supported to leverage digital technology to provide quality and affordable healthcare for the populace.

Survey Overview

Individual healthcare consumers including patients, clients, HMO enrollees, and care service users; health professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, care workers, and physiotherapists, and managers of healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, care agencies were randomly invited to participate in the survey by completing an online form between November and March 2023. The key findings are summarized in this report.

In particular, the survey sought to establish from respondents their experience with using digital technology either to provide and manage or to access the following elements of healthcare:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer Relationships
  • Medical Records and Clients Records
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Care
  • Medical Tests
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Marketing
  • Medications
  • Facility Management

Key Findings

  1. The no. 1 platform method Nigerian consumers prefer to book appointments for healthcare services from providers.
  2. The top two healthcare services consumers are most willing to access through a digital platform from providers.
  3. The method of funding is most preferred by consumers.
  4. The most common side-hustle Nigerian health workers are interested in taking up to top up their earnings using a digital platform.
  5. The 3 most important barriers preventing consumers from embracing digital technology to access healthcare.
  6. The most common digital platform healthcare organizations are using to engage with the public.
  7. The top avenues healthcare organizations are exploring to attract more clients.
  8. The top 3 resources healthcare organizations are utilizing to manage their clients and patients’ records.
  9. The biggest 2 barriers stopping healthcare organizations from adopting digital technology for service delivery.
  10. The 3 top measures consumers want providers to put in place in order to utilise digital technology to access healthcare services.

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